If you know what Gintama is, then you know it took a year break. Well, it's back, in 16:9 and more unforgiving than ever. Seriously, check it out .. hell if you've seen it you probably don't need me to rile you up that it's back. :P 202 is the one you need to be searching for. If your willing to wait a week crunchyroll.com will have it up for free members on next week Monday.

If you don't know what Gintama is, than I'll let you know. Gintama is an anime show that hasn't been syndicated/dubbed for over here yet due to the heavily Japanese cultured storied lines. It's story is based around the idea that if you took aliens and introduced them into Japan during the Edo period, this is what the result would be. If you don't know what the Edo period is, it's best described as a 200 year period that facilitated the fall of the samurai. It is the most absurd and random anime ever, it will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and gape in horror. I will caution that you probably should have seen at least 5 anime series, and have a very good working knowledge of American and Japanese pop culture.

Here is an example video to gauge your willingness to accept this anime. In this scene we have the shinsengumi, special police force to the shogunate, who were so disgusted with their bathrooms that they decided to put a board with holes cut in to to keep people from making a mess, they then decided to hide and see if people were using it. The man who is at the board is their boss, and the others are high ranking members. YouTube - It's stuck
They later come up with ideas such as painting faces around the holes, ect to make it more fun to want to do it. It evolves into them having a full out war with germs.

All I can say is check it out if you think you might like it, you won't regret it!