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Thread: Hello to everyone

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    Cool Hello to everyone

    I suppose I'll start with the basics, I'm 32 and have been wearing diapers since I was 11 years old. I am incontinent, but have grown to really enjoy my diapers. I'm not an AB, just a DL.

    My history is pretty simple, I had surgery for a hernia when I was younger and suffered some nerve damage. It's gotten progressively worse throughout the years and unfortunately it's not something that can be fixed. My primary care physician has tried everything from medication to diet/lifestyle changes with no improvement.

    I am currently living in Hawaii, and would really like to meet others who wear diapers. I've got a girlfriend, 2 year old daughter and a second baby on the way.

    I hope this forum is a place to meet nice, friendly people who understand the difficulties and joys of living life in diapers!

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    Hello and welcome! I'm sure you'll find friends here.

    So what sorts of non-diaper things do you enjoy there in paradise?

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    Hello and welcome ... I'm sure you'll find the site both interesting and fun. What sort of hobbies do you have? I imagine surfing! I'm an avid reader.

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    Hello xbabyx & Aina! It's really nice to receive a friendly welcome when joining a new community! Thanks for that! Aside from the obvious diapers I also enjoy running, playing with my kids, enjoying a nice cup of Starbucks coffee. Lots of activities really, I don't want you to get the idea that my incontinence has in any way stipend my life ;-)

    I'm currently training for the North Shore Marathon next month, then in September I'm running the Omaha Marathon, in December I'm taking on the Honolulu Marathon, and in January I'm trying to plan the Disney Marathon in Orlando! So I do a lot of running!!!

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    Oh goodness that is a lot of running! Your poor knees and feet! I stick to walking. I prefer to enjoy the countryside I pass rather than let it pass by quickly.

    PS must introduce you to Co-op 99 decaffeinated tea (in a china cup naturally).

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