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Thread: How to deal with wearing and tests at Hospital?

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    Default How to deal with wearing and tests at Hospital?

    I Just went over the Big number 50, and the Doc says" well ya know what test we gotta set you up with now right?" Well I knew what he was saying real quick. Alot of guys say it ain't that bad, but it sure sounds like it Sucks! Anyway the big problem with me is, the doctor knows all about my Incon and need for diapers, but the test people don't. That always brings alot of embrassment out. Those little robes don't hide much, and man is the crinkle Loud. I Just never figured a better way of going through this. Anyone have any better ideas? Thanks !

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    It's a hospital, they're there to help you - not make fun of people with medical issues. Take it from someone with two parents who have over 60 years combined experience in an operating room ... a diaper is no big deal.

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    Been there! Done that! Will probably do it again soon! You have to convince yourself that there's nothing to be ashamed of in wearing diapers. I got to the point finally where I just didn't care who saw what in a hospital. Last time I was in I wore my gauze prefold diapers (2 during the day and 4 at night), plastic pants, and a T-shirt. No one said anything, though I did get some "doubletakes" from people that walked by the room and noticed. It is what it is. If people can't handle it, that's their problem.

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    I am bowel incontinent and have to deal with this all the time. Hold your head high and don't worry about what others think. You would be surprised by what they actaully do think. They probably are sympathetic. I have been really surprised to find out that most people are very sympathetic when they encounter someone wearing diapers. It is becoming a lot more acceptable these days. Hope this helps.

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    Just don't do what I did when the lab tech asked me to remove my diaper so they could get a clear x-ray, mid way through the x-ray I wet on the floor.

    No big fuss was made, just a quick call to maintaince for a mop bucket and disenfectant.

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    I presume that the test you're talking about is a colonoscopy. In that case, your family physician will probably refer you to a specialist who will arrange a date and then actually perform the procedure. If that's the case, tell he specialist about your incontinence. BTW, the procedure itself isn't nearly as bad as you probably expect. I recently had one where they found and removed four benign polyps. I had IV pain medication and tranquilization, but I was conscious and watched the monitor that the doctor watched. It was an interesting adventure.

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    I have had many different test and procedures over the last 3 to 4 years and at first I as concerned, scared about the fact that I was wearing a diaper but then it I finally accepted the fact that hey, I am in a medical place and if they have a problem that I have to wear a diaper then they are in the wrong job. Some of the places have given me pants to wear plus the gown which really helps but if they didn't have pants, I just hold my gown closed behind me and go on like everything is normal. What I find fun/funny they will ask me if I need to use the restroom and I either tell them no and or I let them know I am incontinent and have an adult diaper on. No one has ever even blinked or said anything about it. There was one procedure that I had done that the nurses would have to sometimes have to help me change or at least get my diapers for me so I could change. When it comes to the test you are going to have, diapers isn't as embarrassing as them telling you to pass gas after the procedure. Also depending on what the use to relax you or put you out, I have laid in the recovery room next to people that have had it done and it's funny because they don't remember what they are saying when they are in recovery. I heard some keep repeating what they had just said and the ones with them would start laughing. It took all I had not to laugh out loud. So make sure you have someone with you that will keep what you say a secret since you won't know what you will be saying. :-)

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    You Guys made me giggle to myself , Hey Thanks for that, and for all the good info. I know it should be easier, but its always been so hard to show it (diapers) off to someone. I'll get over it I guess. Thanks guys!

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    Isn't it wonderful how a 'problem' may be lessened here? Thank you adisc!

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