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Thread: I too fell off the face of the earth

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    ... and through a wormhole, as a result of trying to install a transporter in an old and out-of-warranty tardis, using used scrap parts from a an sg1 stargate according to the wiring diagrams from a timetunnel. Now my spin is wrong and vbulletin regards me with suspicion. It doesn't help that my computer came down with 3 or 4 problems which caused it to freeze or worse. For all you I have yet to meet, I am an ancient grizzled portly raccoon, prone to longwinded speeches and wordplay, and located halfway up western Canada, eastward of the rockies.

    Can't edit from my lurker status... so the doublequote... hennyway here's "Timetunnel" for all youse unfamiliar with such 50 year-old artifacts YouTube - "The Time Tunnel" promo
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    I was really keen on that show as a kid, but I only saw them in reruns, so never saw the promo. Anyway, good to see your instincts led you back here eventually. Hope you had some exciting adventures along the way.

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    welcome back, i think u kinda left before i signed up but still welcome XD and btw u got your VIP status back... i think moo had to have given it to him to earn it this quick.... so maybe we are coming closer to the secret *laughs evilly*

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    YAY!!! The Racoon is back! Haven't seen you around the forums in a 'coon's age. :wink: Btw, how long does a Raccoon live?


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    Thank-you for all those wb's (and so quickly!) - they are much appreciated; it is nice to feel appreciated. I know I disappeaED without warning or explanation; my apologies. My machine became unusably slow, but my ministrations seem to have cured it for now. I went through some personal stuff (ugly symtoms) of a condition I have, a relapsing/remitting sort of thing. I was with you all in spirit and in padding. My house chock full'o tenants also makes it hard with the computer out in plain sight (and for common use) in the kitchen.

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