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Thread: What is it like wearing a cloth diaper

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    Default What is it like wearing a cloth diaper

    I can't wear one ecause I can't wash them.I wanna try one because I want to be able to pee on my side(how I sleep) and I hear they are absorbent and comfortable.What does it feel like?

    Bonus, what are plastic pants like

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    Butterfly Mage


    Eh... They don't feel nearly as dry as a disposable with super absorbing polymers.

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    I've been wondering this too. I have always wondered if I might as well wear a soft towel?

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    Yeh not as dry but more babyish feeling (or at least for me anyways )

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    The cloth diaper with plastic pants work really well for nitetime use, not nearly the leak probs. Also that depends on how many layers you have on. I really like the all in one diaper worn over a nite diaper, and usually have plastic pants too. I have not used a disposable that will not leak at night. Have tried many options and cloth works best at night!

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    Until recently, I only had tried disposables. I love using cloth. They both have their positives. I feel that wearing cloth makes me regress more.

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    If you want to pee laying on your side, make sure you cloth diaper is large enough to cover your sides. I usually wear a small pre-fold and it works well. I do have a few mediums, and I can either pin them using 4 pins, so that there is cloth on the sides, or I fold them along the edges. You'll figure this out.

    I personally like feeling wet, but I grew up wearing cloth as a baby, so that feeling probably makes a connection in my subconscious, regressing me back to that early time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamaster View Post
    I can't wear one ecause I can't wash them.
    'course you can. just wash them when you have your daily shower/wash. and using a standard towel makes things even simpler.

    ditto, what Dogboy said. and plastic-pants can feel and sound as variable as the various different types there are, plus they alter their qualities depending upon the temperature.
    the two main differences in plastic-pants are enlcosed elastics and plush (fabric) outer elastics. the former will provide the best leak protection but may 'cut' into the leg (leave you with marks) whilst the latter are best worn with diapers which have sufficient bulk so as not to become saturated from standard wetting, as they will leak at the elastication.

    also, if you bulk-up too much on the diaper, you may find sleeping on your side to be uncomfortable; or, if you sleep on your back or front, you could end up with back-ache from having your mid-rift at an awkward angle for long periods. just a matter of getting the balance of bulk-versus-comfort right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llamalord View Post
    I've been wondering this too. I have always wondered if I might as well wear a soft towel?
    Having tried a makeshift diaper with several soft towles and a plastic grocery bag (use underwear to pattern and cut the leg holes, wash the towles out in the shower), I can say that I definitely like the feeling of a disposable better. When cloth gets wet it looses a lot of its bulk and fluffyness, and when it gets cold it's just... *shudder*.

    Of course this is comming from me as a DL with zero interest in the *B side of things who's never tried a real cloth diaper, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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    So all that crap about a bucket and soup and hot water is just a bunch of bull crap?What brand of cloth diapers do you recomend

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