Hi everybody!

I'm a fairly introverted guy, into Goodnites as my name implies but not much more than that in terms of AB/DLness. They're comfy!

I'm also into music: l like my metal heavy and my folk melodic. I enjoy cooking, and eat vegetarian six days of the week. I particularly enjoy cooking Indian, African, and other foods with lots of spices, as well as my native southern US fare.

I'm currently in college, part time, and will be full time for the next two years finishing up a degree in biological sciences, with a microbiology concentration. I also work in a radical (left) bookstore, and enjoy working for pro-labor, gender, race, and queer causes.

I was excited to see that this site exists, and that the AB/TB/DL world is bigger than I thought. I'd love to chat with people who are interesting in cooking, who wear at school/work, or who are interested in music, language, politics, or religion. I hope to meet people who have a diaper interest and have other interesting things to talk about too! I am expressly not interested in meeting people to date, however, since I have a boyfriend.

I'm also learning German at the moment, so if anyone has any tips, or would like to chat in German and is willing to put up with a total beginner, I'd love to learn while making a new friend!