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    Default Harness / Reins

    I would like to buy or even attempt to make if I cannot buy one, a Adult-sized Leather baby harness with reins or a strap so I can strap myself in to my bed. Does anyone know where I can have one made or obtain the bits to make one.
    I tried one out once in a nursery but relly want one of my own, I felt so secure being strpped in and it was very nice.

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    Well, unless you're properly skilled/trained in making them or have precise instructions, you'd probably be better off having one made or buying one. Maybe a google search or two would benefit you, they can't be that hard to find. Just search for things like "adult baby harness", "adult-sized baby harness", etc etc, swapping out words where necessary. :P

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    Default More info please

    I'm really not sure what you're talking about... Could you post a picture of the harness you're referring to? It can be a picture of a baby one, or an adult one, preferably while in use. Once I understand exactly what you're talking about, maybe I can help you.
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    A full out system such as ones used is Metal Hospitals run anywhere for $500 and up

    The Grip Medical Bed Restraint (6 Point)

    if you want something cheap try this. Its what I have UNDER THE BED RESTRAINT SYSTEM: Health & Personal Care

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    I've come across a couple of places that sell adult-sized harnesses. From thr AB sites, [removed] My Special Harness - Adult Baby (AB) Reins and Harnesses.
    On the non-AB side, CRELLING HARNESSES have a range of different special needs harnesses, and I recently found Child-to-Adult Harness from Special Needs (Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome) Autism Harness, ADHD Harness, Harness for older child..
    For use in bed, the Segufix Compact harness (SEGUFIX-SHOP und Patientenfixierung powered by Medicare) is probably one of the best.

    Personally, I have one from MySpecialHarness, a couple from Crelling (a walking rein and a car seat harness, from eBay) and a Segufix. The MySpecialHarness one looks the most like a child harness, but is very easy to get out of, even with a locking buckle. The Crelling walking reins are a little tickier to get out of, and the car harness a bit more so (when used in a car of course!). The Segufix is a whole other story...
    It's much more expensive, and feels like it. The straps are much thicker and feel much tougher than the others. It's also much, much one secure - once you're in it the only way out is the little magnetic key for the button locks! Suprisingly though, it's also very comfortable when fastened properly and snuggly.

    You get what you pay for I suppose! Hope this helps
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    Thanks for that chrisb.
    I like the Segufix but am after a replica leather baby style harness with a walikng rein that could be used to go under the matress to secre me to the bed,

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    Hi again,
    I had included a link to a place that sells that sort of thing, but it seems it's a bit too adult for here (opps, sorry about that mods!). All I can suggest then is the old standard of googling some more.
    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    Wow that segafix looks like a serious piece of kit. Thanks for sharing the link and your review.
    I'm not into bed restraints but wow, the Germans sure do quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timby View Post
    Wow that segafix looks like a serious piece of kit. Thanks for sharing the link and your review.
    I'm not into bed restraints but wow, the Germans sure do quality.
    Keine Problem Timby I actually got it for an real reason though.

    I'm what I guess you'd call an "active sleeper", I guess I kick, wriggle and squirm all through the night because I invariably wake up either very, very tangled up in my quilt, or with my quilt and sometimes my pillow anywhere but the bed. A couple of times a month I'll even wake up half way on floor, and occasionally I even wake up in the middle of the night having fallen totally out of bed! In fact that's one of the reasons I like my footed sleepers so much, they're the only pajamas I've found that keep me warm and comfy through the night
    I don't view it as a big problem, and I've never hurt myself falling out of bed; however after I got my own place and could afford to I decided to try some things to see if I can keep the quilt on the bed!

    Anywho, I bought the Segufix after trying wearing a sleepsack (too warm) and the the other harnesses (too uncomfortable) for keeping me in bed and under my quilt through the night. It proved to be very effective, but a bit too restrictive - with it on you can't roll onto your sides - and I found that it woke me up every time I tried to roll over.

    I thinking of trying one from next, as they a lot of testimonials from adults and older kids saying how comfortable thier harnesses are to wear.

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    Lol! You sleep like a toddler.
    I think your best solution is to accept it and use the baby solution. Keep your bedroom/(nursery) at a comfortable temperature, wear a light footed sleeper, ditch the blankets and the pillow and sleep in a crib.
    It is a total headspin as well.

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