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    Default Hey Old and New Friends

    Hello everyone I thought it was about time i got to posting an introduction

    Some of you may know me as Diaper_teen, Diaper_t, lilboy135, and now well DT90... But you can also call me Dereck

    Im just your average gay 21yr old diaper boy from Iowa...

    I would say im mostly a DL but i do like my stuffed animals, i miss my toys, and i want a onesie and a footed sleeper :P

    I really love to watch movies of all kinds even the crappy straight to dvd ones lol. I couldnt imagine my life with out music or art. I love music of all kinds except for 99% of country. Im also really into anything electronic...Phones, building computers, building small electronics, anything really lol.

    And im here to meet people why else would I be lol...

    Also a small About me:

    I had some trouble with weting until about 3rd grade both night and day every once and a while. Ive been into diaper since the age of 9. Trying on my mom's foster kids diapers. Its kinda faded till I was 13 and discover the world wide web lol. I started wearing my siblings diapers at this point. After they where done i took my dads GF's kids diapers. I became very crafty at hiding and getting my diapers. I eventually had some big boy and some little boy diapers sent to by dear friends. After i graduated i wen to college and bought my first pack at a walgreens at like 4am lol. Due to lack of privacy, lack of money, and I since i was recently out of the closet and on my own i decided i had bigger and better things to do in life. But after my 2 years of going MIA im back for good. My BF now knows and hes okay with it. Its just a matter of getting him used to it.

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    Hey DT90/Dereck... Whatever you want . Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any other hobbies like sportsthat you didn't mention? Anyways I hope you like your stay here!

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    Hi Dereck! =) Welcome... I hope you enjoy your stay on here. That was great introduction, by the way.

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    Hi Dereck, wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome…not sure if you like showtunes/get that reference, but you said you like all types of music so I thought I'd give it a shot…>.> on that note (huh? get it? huh?…fine, it's dumb) do you play any instruments? I'm a singer myself.

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