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Thread: A Plug for Cloth Diapers

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    Default A Plug for Cloth Diapers

    I wear gauze prefold diapers 24/7, and have done so for 47 years now. Cloth diapers can be washed. I hang mine on a clothes line to dry to keep the gas bill down. I go through fourteen diapers a day. They cost less than disposable diapers, work better (never a leak) and are better for our ecology. Disposable diapers may be more convenient, but they are a waste management problem! I don't know about you, but I couldn't afford to purchase disposables in this economy! So give it some thought!

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    It isn't about convenience for most people, it is about discreteness! I guess if you hang your diapers out on a cloths line then that isn't a problem for you! I like the feel of cloth, but I dont want to be walking around in public with puffed out pants looking like I am wearing a diaper.
    It is highly debatable if cloth is more environmentally friendly then disposable, the manufacturing of both are harmful to the environment, and the power used to wash those cloth diapers debatably offsets the environmental advantage of them having a longer life then disposables.

    In a perfect world, cloth diapers would be environmentally friendly, healthy, and would be the way to go, but we know this isn't that perfect world, and things are not that simple

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    I would like to try cloth, but it's hard when living at home... I'm going to wait until I move out.

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    Wow....fourteen a day? That's a lot of diapers. I've gone day and night and have only worn two. You must not like to stay wet I'm guessing. Anyway, I love cloth and plastic.

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    I wear 24/7 and use only 3 cloth diapers per day with no leaks. I change after my shower in the morning, when I get home from work and into my night diaper before bed. When I used disposables I would change at least 6 times a day and almost always leaked sometime during the week and always in bed (side sleep).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Wow....fourteen a day? That's a lot of diapers. I've gone day and night and have only worn two. You must not like to stay wet I'm guessing. Anyway, I love cloth and plastic.
    Cloth and plastic really are brilliant! I'm wondering about your only two diapers, though. Is that in cloth terms? I know if I'm wearing all day, even if I don't drink much I go through about 4 Abena M4s. In cloth I go through fewer changes because I can make them thicker.

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    2 diapers a day is gross and un-sanitary. For the occasionnal wearer, it might pass, but for a full time incontinent or frequent wearer, it's bad.

    I like my prefold cloth diapers at night. Never had a leak and I can flood them all I want. But for day use, they are not adequat. It's too bulky.
    I have modern pocket diapers that could work for day use. But for conveniance, I prefer disposables.
    I usually change at least every 4 houres. I won't stay wet too long. At night, I prefer a diaper that can keep me dry though the night. Cloth or disposable.

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    With 4 disposables of good quality, assuming it's only urine, you can do very fine - two's bad, agreed....

    but cloth? hell no.
    During my bedwetting years I've worn cloth for a short time, and later in my "DL-Life" I tried cloth for some time, also a while where I went 24/7...
    Cloth? I hardly can give you one simple positive thing about them.
    Once wet - they FEEL WET constantly... sit down -> wet ass... move around -> wetness... bad.
    if that isn't bad enough - you NEED plastic pants, serious ones for sure... they chafe & and the ones without buttons are a chore to change.
    Changing "on the Go" - you need to take more stuff along and carry seriously wet diapers (dripping wet - no SAP) around all day... the disposables go in the next trash-can/bin/...

    Ecology? have you thought about all more washing you do? the soap/detergent...?

    and if all that wouldn't be bad enough on it's own - to be even close to let me say a Tena Slip Plus (which is a thin but quality disposable for those who don't know) the cloth version would have to be pretty bulky already -> there goes the last bit of discretion you had concerning your diaper-wearing.
    spare me cloth.

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