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Thread: Morrowind and Oblivion: F*%& yeah!

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    Default Morrowind and Oblivion: F*%& yeah!

    To all of those who have not played the Elder Scrolls series, I first pity you, and second, tell you to take that extra $50 you have and go buy one or the other. Both are deliciously addicting, have great graphics and gameplay, awesome fantasy elements, and a very involving storyline. I won't reveal too much for those who have not played, but in both you start out on the lowest of the bottom rungs, in Morrowind a prisoner who is just released and in Oblivion a prisoner who gets a chance to escape with the Emperor, and work your way up to godly status. Morrowind has two expansions, Bloodmoon, based on a frozen island, things with werewolves running amok, and Tribunal, uncovering corruption in a city-state belonging to an earthly goddess. Oblivion has knights of the nine and Shivering Isles. Knights I have not played, I heard it was slightly sub-par, though, Shivering Isles you become an errand boy (or girl) for Seogorath, the god of madness himself, awesomeness ensues. That's all to say aside from GET THE GAMES IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. Thread for discussion on the awesome games, pros and cons, comparison, bloody rants on how awesome it is. Tallyho and may the hunt be good!

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    Yeah Morrowind is an amazing game, no doubt. Oblivion... eh... not as much.

    That's pretty much all I have to say lol

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    We've got Oblivion GOTY for our 360. It took me a long time to get into it... but I like it now. Though with my 100% chameleon suit of armor things are pretty easy to do... the AI doesn't even acknowledge that you are there. Walk up to any baddy... steal anything... you are never seen.

    My character is currently level 28 or so... I haven't started Shivering Isles... and I've barely touched the main quest. I'm about half way through the Mages guild and the Fighters guild... I've also done a bit with the Thieves guild and the Dark Brotherhood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robiturtle View Post
    Hit me up @ [email protected] for cheats!
    Or hit up for cheats for it and nearly every other game ever made.

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    haven't played marrowwind but oblivion was one of my favorite games. It's also the only game that i have all 1000 achievements points for on my 360.

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