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Thread: Warning about storebrand and generic diapers!

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    Exclamation Warning about storebrand and generic diapers!

    Ok, so I have very sensitive skin and found that I was allergic to something in most generic diapers, but I have NEVER had a worse reaction than with the CVS brand. Pretty much what happened was I decided to give them a try, seeing as they looked pretty harmless and I was trying to save some money for a convention coming up. I used them for a few days, and nothing too bad happened except for the general bad quality associated with generics...then one evening I stepped into the shower and was greeted with a sharp, horrible burning feeling in my diaper area where the tapes usually go. I look down to see large reddish brown rash-like spots covering each of my diaper sides. I treated this with some cream and hoped that it would go away...I also went back to better diapers for the rest of the week...instead of getting better, they got worse until they were really dark and I couldn't take the pain anymore. One very awkward trip to the ER later, it turns out that I was having a severe reaction to the chemicals used in some generic tapes, which I didn't think was possible. With prescription medicine, the irritation died down, but I STILL have brown markings from where it used to be.
    I wanted to throw this out there because one doesn't usually think that the diapering tapes are harmful, especially without actual contact on the skin...I found out the hard way and so I am telling you this so you don't make the same horrible mistake I did...if you have sensitivities and you know it, stay AWAY from generics.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've found that generic diapers do a lousy job handling Ph balance. I tried CVS diapers before and they sting my skin.

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    Thanks Rai, that's some pretty sound advice.

    I hope you heal up before the con! It would suck to be itchy or in pain during an event like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimini View Post
    Thanks Rai, that's some pretty sound advice.

    I hope you heal up before the con! It would suck to be itchy or in pain during an event like that.
    Haha, that's what I'm good for I suppose...having painful mistakes and living to tell the tale so others don't fall so unfortunate.
    As far as healing up doesn't hurt anymore, but I have brown marks where the infections used to be, which I have yet to decide to suffer more embarassment to go get checked out, lol. Thank you for the concern though

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    Never had that problem, but when we get generics we get ones with velcro type tapes anyway...I've used very few generics with sticky tapes.

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    I've had itching and rashes from Depends in the past so avoid them. TENAs feel fine though.

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