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Thread: Diapers During the Vacation!

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    Cool Diapers During the Vacation!

    So next week i am going on a family vacation to the US.
    My question is how would you suggest i go about buying diapers here, i know there are loads to choose from in Walmart as compared to Tesco/Asda here, i was just wondering how i could do it. My only transport is by my parents...
    How would i hide them in the car and such?
    Suggest below

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    What are you talking about "lots of choices" at Wal-Mart? There's Depends and generic store brand, as far as I'm aware. Nothing is better than Depends, and that is by no means a positive review of Depends. Store brands suck.

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    That's a dangerous game you're playin', a dangerous game indeed.

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    If your goin on vacation the the US and planning on buying- well I dont really know your situation but if you are in a different country at 15 Im going to assume your parents arent just going to let you roam free, so if you went to the store im guessing they would be there too. Which would mean the only way would be try to sneak and b uy then when they are in other parts of the store then throw them in a backpack or somethng so they wont see.

    It is highly risky and I dont think it would be worth the risk

    And unless you are extremely lucky you wont find anything better then Depends or some store brand- which are okay diapers but as you have prolly herd not the greatest.

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    The trouble is that there generally isn't a better selection in US supermarkets than in UK stores. You won't find anything that you wouldn't find in a reasonable-sized Boots. If you want decent nappies, you have to go to medical supply stores, which are certainly far more common in the US than in the UK, but that isn't really much help if you're stuck under your parents' supervision.

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