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    I feel terrible about myself. I don't know what do to about it. I don't know how to deal with it. It all started quite a while ago. I would get so frustrated, and sometimes do stupid things, destructive things, like punching walls, etc.

    Things reached their peak when I ended up throwing something at a french door. I didn't ever mean to break anything... not consciously, anyway. Not only do I feel like a terrible person for that, but things got even worse... we went to buy another set, and it was going to cost $2,000, almost double what we paid per door originally. We had to go with a different set. We originally got 3 sets of french doors, 2 for the living room, 1 for the kitchen. We had to opt for a cheaper pair, and we hope they'd fit. They came in yesterday, and instead of being plain glass panes, they have these cross-sections throughout the glass. Now, we have mismatched doors, we still had to pay $400 to get them, and it's all my fault. I'm a terrible person... and there's not a thing I can do about it. The doors are bought, and we're putting them in soon.

    What's more is, far before the peak of my outbursts, i accidentally broke my door. I didn't know how I managed it, but screws were stripped from the door's hinges, making it imposable to fix, and we could only replace it for $60. I want to at least pay my parents for the small door, but I can't, considering all of my money is on a visa gift card that they told me not to get. And I got it anyway, because I'm a terrible person.

    I was thinking of getting a job, and working for the cash to even get the mismatched door replaced professionally, and pay them off for my bedroom door. This could amount to about $2,150. I can't just move away to go to college before I do that. I'd take out a student lone after all of my scholarships are taken into account, along with me working while in college, to pay it all off. My dreams are worth nothing with this guilt I feel....

    But I don't know what's the right course of action... my parents would freak if I did what I described here. They would tan my hide for putting my debts to them before my education...

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    Get some counseling. That needs to be your first choice. Get some anger management help and try to find out where this anger is coming from. Spend any job money on that until you're able to control yourself. No sense in replacing something if you might break it again in another rage.

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    Nothing you can do to unbreak those windows now. Before you get all upset, remember its only a window, no one got hurt. Sounds like you need to sleep, then do take a shower and do something that makes you happy. You're not a horrible person, you need to stop feeling bad and think logically "how can I help the situation?). Like you said, get a part-time job that wont interfere with your studies and save up slowly for new windows. As for the anger, take some deep breaths and let it pass. If you cant stop being angry, then getting help is a good idea in case you get angry and break something worse than a window.

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    It sounds like you have some anger management issues, which is pretty common in our high-stress, fast paced society. I would definitely reccommend talking to a counsellor, and also trying to eliminate as much stress as you can from your life.

    Try and take out time in your day, every day if possible, to do something relaxing, free of stress and interruption. I think you'll find it goes a very long way. Fishing maybe, or reading a book, playing an instrument, or anything for find enjoyable and relaxing.

    I like to walk a mile a day and listen to my iPod. Days when the weather isn't suitable I'll do some math or work on my music. It's all about what does the trick for you, when you find your muse, you'll know it. Just be sure to give it some degree of priority, or you'll never find the time.

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    Jeez talk about nostalgia, listen bro I've mirrored those same moves over and over again; and always felt so guilty after. Hey though mate, beating yourself up is no way, self pity is no way either, just move forward. Try to see the light at the end of the tunnel and not through the rear view mirror, whats done is done thats a fact, but do remember no matter how bad something seems nothing is forever.

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