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    Hi everyone,
    I live with my sister (economic reasons) ,she knows of my bed wetting problem and helps me with it. Well this week she ordered and arrived rubber bloomers . She claims it solves wet spot leaks . They are strange looking so I go along . Its her bed . Just wondering if anyone else uses these .
    Thanks Pins

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    I have never heard of them, but with a quick google search, it seems as they are kind of like plastic pants (if not the exact same). By what I have read on this site, they actually work, but most people that use them, use them over diapers to prevent leeks from soaking the bed or other furniture.

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    bloomers is just a synonym for "pants, underwear, panties, etc". In some cases it can refer to and older style of female underwear and I think in Japan (and possibly the US?) refers to a certain kind of women's shorts.

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    They're just a longer version of plastic pants. They're probably better at stopping leaks, but they are supposed to be worn with diapers.

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    I have some that i sometimes wear over diapers, and I really like them when I want extra protection from leaks. The plastic is very soft and comfortable to wear, although not in hot weather. Though comfortable, they are still plastic and not breathable so can lead to sweating quite easily.

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    The Eroflex bloomers seem good, euroflex is supposed to be breathable, the high waisted euroflex pants that I wear are ooler than most of the other plastic types.

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