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Thread: Are diapers a unique way of birth control?

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    Default Are diapers a unique way of birth control?

    Are diapers a unique way of birth control? I mena if you are taped up and nice, there can't be any sex right?

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    Interesing way of abstaining but okay I guess it would help or you could just use a condom and then everyone's happy

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    I would disagree, for me personally anyways. When people want to have sex the diapers are going to come off. Me wearing lots of pairs of underwear is not going to curb my desire to get it on. I dont know if this is everyone but it is that way for me.

    The only way that you could get around it is if you both can orgasm in your diaper then both parties can walk away feeling satisfied. If not someone is going to be left wanting.
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    Diapers are as good for birth control as pants: as long as you keep your junk in either of them, you wont have kids

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    birthcontrol? no waayy....
    I mean so far neither type of underwear I have worn has hindered me from enjoying my sex life.
    There's condoms, vasectomies, pills, spirals, implanon, and various other contrivances to make sure to some extend that you can enjoy sex without getting her pregnant.... but diapers? well unless you have found some sort of diaper harder to take off than a perfect chastity "cage"...

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    The thing about almost every type of 'birth control' is that there is always a possibility of pregnancy, albeit low. The ONLY way I have ever heard of to ensure that she will not get pregnant is to be sterilized permanently.

    I know that I can't have any more kids, ever. What else would I expect after losing both testicles?

    Sex is certainly enjoyable though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vantran View Post
    Are diapers a unique way of birth control? I mena if you are taped up and nice, there can't be any sex right?
    the person would just take the diaper off if they wanted to have sex bad enough.

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    Phazon proves a point xD And condoms don't work all of the time, crazyboy.

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