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Thread: Any other musicians?

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    Default Any other musicians?

    I was just wondering. Is there anybody else here who writes/composes their own music? Cuz I'd like to hear it. Haha.

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    I only have 2 super bad quality songs online right now. I've done a lot more, but those two are the only ones I ever got around to uploading. Lol. The link goes to the better one, but the other one is on the same channel.

    YouTube - Sad beat (Piano vs Violin)

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    No, but I've mixed for a Norwegian band, sometimes have some recording and/or production projects here and there.
    I'm often eager to help out writers with my facilities.
    I like session stuff too, like playing a bit or two in someone elses production, or in a band.
    I do try to play some guitar or mandolin everyday, though.

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