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Thread: Ear Infection issue.

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    Default Ear Infection issue.

    Pretty much please send your kind regards here just for the sake of it anyway got a hearing condition related to autism that makes it hard to see the doctor[ah dismissing concerns that are really genuine and needís.
    Okay I takent he ear drops I think I need the earwash but the earwash has side effects posted on it and I can't just go ask parents then.
    Basiclaly without earplugs Iím in quite constant pain[even with ear plugs the world is irritating.
    So pretty much this is just meant to be a discussion and sympathy post just to. Gather my online friends around me because Iím in a-lot of pain.

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    Gah I’m serious.

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    If you are in serious pain then you SHOULD see a doctor.

    You have my sympathies.

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    Gah… wonderful their aren't any good doctors here and I can't go by car.... Possibly to much pain I don't want too needlessly suffer.

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    Definitely need to see a doctor about it. If you let it go, your eardrum could burst from the pressure. If they can't get the infection out, they may end up putting tubes in your ears to releive the pressure and prevent the eardrum from bursting.

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    Grrrr parents are so annoying in that it turns out once again they didn't listen .
    As for the above the good news is that ear inflamation[what my first reaction was], was fine however ear infection, turns out to be more probable,
    anyway we went threw basically everything and the doctor concluded it’s a problem with the earwax.
    in this case my ears are fine in-fact perfect [for human ears], just… need to deal with it as for other things I hate to say my mom seams to be the exact opposite of understanding.

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    just wondering if a tooth infection or wisdom tooth growth may underlie the ear infection? you're about the right age for either and, particularly with infection, the inflammation can very quickly spread to the ear or jaw without your ever noticing the original source (which can often settle itself before you have any other symptoms, as the mouth is a pretty dynamic environment).

    a common, but often unrecognised, cause of tooth infection is the toothbrush as they tend not be kept in sterile conditions (usually near toilets, for starters) and this can be more so if a person moves from place to place frequently (students away from home, long-distance travellers/drivers, etc), so it's a good idea to wash and then sterilize your toothbrush before use with hot water and disinfectant.

    as for the pain, anti-inflammatories should help; and a heat pack or a source of heat also helps, i've found.

    anyway, get well, soon.

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    I’ve got problems with my wisdom teeth. thanks for the addvice that is very likely .
    Okay right now i’m on pain killers and their need to be more effective way of doing this anyway I guess the doctor finds it alright not to follow the instructions to the letter so I can wear [clean] earbuds unfortunetly my ear bud isn't clean right now because my fecking brother plays unbearable music. ‹o_o›' the music sounds like the sort of auditory hallucinations schizophrenics get… feck it. ‹–_–›' fortunetly mechnical background noises are pass threw ear wax better but still...
    and i'm likely going to see the dentist soon anyway.

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