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Thread: I never expected to hear that!

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    Recently I worked with about thirty other people to set up a major fund raising event for our organization. Because I knew I was going to get my clothes dirty I didn't wear my usual "diaper" jeans, but a pair of jeans that were comfortable and large enough to fit over them. However, my diapers are large enough to come up to my elbows and cover my belly button, so they stick out the top of those jeans. I wear large T-shirts to cover that, but sometimes (like when erecting a tent) one has to lift one's hands high over one's head and the top of the diapers get exposed. That happened to me, though I didn't notice at the time because I was working hard like everybody else to get things done! I'd chosen to use my large diaper pins with pink plastic covers for the head and they show through the plastic pants. Since most of my co-workers know I wear diapers I can forget being worried about anyone noticing. That day several volunteers noticed and I got the usual "I noticed but I'm not saying anything" and "how gross!" looks, and a few discrete and acceptable questions. The three co-workers I share an office with fielded more questions than I did. But I did overhear one comment I never expected to hear. A very attractive young mom of two children, one a toddler, who works closely with my co-worker, after asking her if she knew I was wearing diapers and plastic pants made this comment: "How cute! It's like having a big little guy walking around!" I have to admit, in my 47 years of being incontinent, that's a first!

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    Wow... That's really sweet! I think I'd wind up glowing if I ever heard anything like that. I don't wear diapers at all (right now) for any reason, but there are other factors in my life that have tended to get questions and comments that I'd rather not have to deal with. Something sweet like that would just make my day!

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    Nice comment ...

    but if you don't mind - may I ask why you go through this (incontinence) like that?
    I mean, cloth diapers, plastic pants, pins & Stuff... you could just get a decent disposable (some of the less "obviously thick" ones) wear a tank-top shirt stuffed in the jeans and a regular T-shirt over that... this way, even if you have to bend or stretch out no one will be the wiser...
    If you're more comfortable in cloth diapers (which I doubt... but then again I don't like cloth diapers at all) - then wear those to "normal" days when you don't run into the chance of having to "expose" yourself and switch to the disposables / pants /... when the situation calls for some more discrete solution?

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    That IS unexpected. Hope that made your day better than it was

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    Wouldn't disposable diapers be easier to hide and prevent people asking questions and making these rediculous comments?

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    I am allergic to disposables. I've spent thousands trying to find one that doesn't give me instant rash. I've also had a valve (when I was younger) that had to come out because of infection, and I get terrible UTIs with all catheters. So I've stayed with gauze prefold diapers and am quite happy to continue, since they don't make me hurt or sick. Thanks for asking.

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    huh, that is a sweet comment. although i tend to abstain from doing something as taboo as wearing a diaper in public because if i wear something as simple as my dog collar (with my "sparky" tag) i get asked why i'm wearing my dogs collar. and after i say "i don't have a dog" then i get the 'you're psychotic" looks. ಠ_ಠ

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