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    Hello everyone - my name is Jakob, and I am a 17-year old from Michigan.

    You may be wondering why my interest is marked as other. That is because I have no relation with diapers in reality. I like the fiction, and this scene is kind of something I think about but don't participate in in reality (except for possibly writing stories...well maybe)

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    Well Welcome to the site. you need anything there are plenty of cool people here

    what else do you do besides nothave an intrest in diapers? Video games? Culinary arts? Tiger hunting ...wait... no not that I hope (sorry furries)

    Tell us about you!!

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    Default games is a big thing I'm into, and I have hundreds of games and tens of systems...tiger hunting, especially if the tigers are of the furry variety (kidding, don't shoot me!)...I swim competitively and I don't have enough time to get into anything else

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    do you swim all the different races or do you have a specific stroke you specalize in?

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    Sorry - haven't been on in a bit - I swim butterfly, usually the 100 but the 200 sometimes. I also often swim the 200 IM.

    Also, (@GundamMeister7) are you the only one patrolling these forums? You're the only one who's posted here

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