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    any one here write poetry?? if so have you ever been published?? i am a big poet and also have been published in the anthopolgy of young poet book. i was so excited!!

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    I dont write it professionally, but I have written little things here and there for different things if I felt like it

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    i've had my poems published in my school's non-profit poetry magazine called montage... i stopped submitting because they lied to me about my poem submissions (i asked for them to publish one poem specifically and they completely left it out even though they assured me they would >.<)

    here are some pictures of the 2010 edition (with names and junk hidden so the links won't get removed), which is surprisingly the only one i submitted to

    arguing with ignorance | FA
    beautiful | FA
    the poem they left out

    my poems may not be the best but i am defiantly a very strong poet :3

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    Congratulations on your publication, Bull! It's very exciting to know for oneself that their work is out there for others to see and read!

    I've been published in a national anthology, and I'm currently submitting flash/micro-fiction pieces, poetry, and short fiction to online and print journals. I've received plenty of rejections, but no acceptance as of yet during this battery of submissions. Prepare for constant rejections, and remember, most rejections aren't based on the merit of your work -- they're based off something as simple as format, or a limited budget, or what-have-you. Collect your rejections, pin them up on the wall, and the day you get accepted to a publisher, look back and see how much work you've put into for that. It'll be worth it!

    I'm currently writing a query letter and plot synopsis of a completed novel to begin submitting to literary agents. That's the hardest writing I've ever had to do -- I suggest getting as much practice as you can writing query letters and submission e-mails, because before even your work and your passion for poetry, your cover letter will make or break you.

    Best of luck!

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    I'm a big poetry fan, but haven't started writing any yet. I'm awed at those of you who have submitted your poetry somewhere for publication. That takes a lot of courage, and must also be pretty thrilling!

    I'm pretty new to adisc, but is there a poetry group around?

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    I would post mine, but it would connect my profile here to the outside world. My poetry is well documented on the interwebs :P
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