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  • All the time! They change their product because of us.

    0 0%
  • Its on their minds most of the time.

    1 2.27%
  • Its on their minds sometimes [the reason they send out catalogs when you order samples]

    7 15.91%
  • once a week. [CEO, President of the company]

    1 2.27%
  • once a month [CEO, ,President of the company]

    2 4.55%
  • Its All About Making Money

    33 75.00%
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Thread: How much do you think diaper companies think about us

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    Question How much do you think diaper companies think about us

    How much do you think diaper companies think about us?
    Use the poll, post a reply, see the results.
    Post your opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    How about a choice of...They don't? Because...They don't...
    that is "Its all about making money" choice

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    where is the option for never? because that's what applies here.

    *edit* OH MAN I WAS BEAT... i shouldn't alt tab anymore

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    Unless they are one themselves, never

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    I think it would be almost never. I'm sure it does come up every now and again and they have a good laugh and a shudder about it and then try to forget about it.

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    Whilst I would think never, I'm sure, that unlike some people, they are aware of the fetish etc. I would think they'd pick this up from the type of buyers etc. that they see over the years because an ab company has to buy the stock from them I would think.

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    Diaper companys know we are here, and are responsible for a good part of there total sales.

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    When it all comes down to it ,its all about making money. They design products for us AB/DLs and we buy them. Take Bambinos for instance they are a good diaper but pricey. I bought some and have tried them out ,and like them very much. But I doubt that I will buy more right now. They are just to expensive. And with the cost of oil hitting the ceiling the cost of plastic covered diapers will go up. So for the foreseeable future I will be using cloth diapers exclusively.

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