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    My parents have decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas. I found out We will be taking a flight to Florida and I'm kinda scared about it. I wanted to wear a diaper on the flight but I don't want security taking me to a private room and looking for drugs. I've heard lots of stories about this happening. Also I don't want my parents finding out about my fetish or my 4 other siblings finding out. That would just ruin the vacation and my life. Also I wanted to pack some diapers into my suitcase. Since I've never been on a plane before, do they take everything out of the suitcase? In that case, I'm thinking of not taking diapers on this cruise. Also I have no clue how to get away with wearing diapers on a cruise because of me sharing a room with my 2 brothers. I really don't think I can live without diapers for 10 days but I might have too :/

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    I would live without them for a while, enjoy the vacation and leave the diapers at home.

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    I'm fairly sure that they don't search your bag unless it's suspicious. Just wrap them in a shirt and you'll be fine. Also, you can always sneak them on when you put pajamas on (assuming you wear pajamas and not boxers). When disposing, just bury them in the trash or put some kleenex over them.

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    Yuppers, I say Leave them behind, dont risk it! Have fun and enjoy the Bahamas

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    Live thim behind. it's not wither the re ask

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    I have been on many flights before. I try to get a window seat every time I fly. Don't worry, and enjoy it! The best part is the take off. Once the plane leaves the ground everything becomes smooth as glass! If you have binoculars, have them handy because looking down from an airplane through binoculars is really really cool! I've been on two cruises before. I can tell you from experience, there will be so much to see and do, that diapers really wont cross your mind that much. If this is your first cruise, you are in for TREAT! Most cruises have all-you-can-eat 24 hours a day! and the food is 1st class awesome! What cruise line are you going on?

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    Thanks everyone! I made of my mind and I'm not gonna bring them. I'm taking the Norweigen Cruise Line. The Spongebob cruise. My brother is 5 and he loves spongebob so that why my parents want to go. Also they think we are gonna die in 2012 so they want to do this stuff this year before the world ends

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    Keep yourself busy. If I know I can't wear/don't want to because I'm running low on supplies, I'll keep busy so my mind stays off them for a little bit. I'd leave them behind, even though it might not be as fun.

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    Unless you like the risk of being caught and are willing to be discovered, leave the diapers behind. Good Luck.

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