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    Default depends?

    i was thinking of ordering a free sample of depends and i was woundering how long it took to be delivered

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    If delivery time is your only concern, then you might as well order them now and they'll get to you sooner.
    But, I suspect you are asking because you want to keep if from other people in your household. It's almost impossible to tell when they'll arrive. The shipping time is affected by how far you are from their origin.

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    It took 8-9 business days for me to get them. Just save the trouble and don't get them because they suck. I thought Goodnites sucked but now I'm kinda missing them.

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    yeah i was wourried about family finding out but i wanted to just check them out for my self idk

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    They come in a plain white box with no indication of what is inside. You might get grilled about what it is just becuase you got a package though. Delivery can vary greatly. It took more than three weeks for mine to arrive, yet when I ordered a goodnite from the same company it only took about a week.

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