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Thread: Nothing like a fresh one!

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    Default Nothing like a fresh one!

    Woke up this morning, diapered of course from the night before. Its been a LONG time since I had actually been able to spend the night in one

    Anyway, got up, pulled off the one I was wearing and taped into a new one. Wow. What a great feeling! There's nothing like it. Wish I could do that EVERY morning....

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    Congratulations on your diaper-enabled night :-) Glad you didn't leak all over your mattress - your protection did its job. What prevents you from doing that every morning?

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    Yea me too, sometimes the best part of wearing is when you get a diapee change.

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    I've never been able to get away with wearing overnight. Maybe someday.

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    I must agree, the diaper change is the best part of wearing. The less enjoyable part is changing out of a diaper into normal underwaer(what a bumber )

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    Well, it's often also enjoyable to take a shower and change back into regular underwear afterwards.

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    Yeah I hate changing into underwear because it's less babyish and you can't just stand there blanly like a baby and go pee or poop then walk off.

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    tho if you're wet in the morning, just swapping out to a fresh diaper can be hard on the skin... my usual maneuver is warm water and a face cloth, towel dry, and occasionally a shot from the hair dryer.

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    Have to agree, there is nothing quite like changing wet nappies, the liking of which has just been carried out & is now pre-soaking in miofresh for the time being. I am at home today so i am wearing terry towelling nappies for once instead of those naughty disposables i usually wear. Clean dry nappies are like that feeling you get when you climb in to bed when all the sheets & duvet covers have just been changed & that lovely fresh smell of cotton is in the air. Just perfect.

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