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    Hewwo evybody! I am quite comfortable being and talking about being an adult baby. I've been incontinent since I was 12, and have always loved wearing diapers and often had infantile feelings (for many years denied!) Then, at the ripe and interesting age of 53 I had some physical issues that led to exploring, learning about, adopting, and becoming an adult baby. Being diagnosed with infantilism helped me understand what was happening to me. I can't wear disposables, so I wear gauze prefold diapers and plastic pants. I am a former teacher and am now trying to break into the writing market and get published. I look forward to meeting many of you in here and having a fun time! Luv and hugs!

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    am now trying to break into the writing market and get published
    Childrens' stories? Fetish stories? Freelance submissions to The Wall Street Journal?

    At any rate, welcome, make yourself at home. I am sorry to hear you have a "diagnosis" of infantilism, like it's an illness. It can be the foundation of an illness; as can any obsession taken to extremes; but simply in and of itself, is a mere quirk or kink. There is nothing wrong with you; I hate to quibble over the word (diagnosis, not infantilism) but this is a support forum, and what constitutes an illness or defect (or doesn't) is quite important in these parts. Compare, if you will, the phrase "a diagnosis of homosexuality" and I am sure you see the point.

    I am happy you have a name for this side of you, such that you can find communities like this one, or the other ones devoted to recreational diaper wearing and ageplay.

    I am also happy to have another plastic pant person join our storied ranks.

    As a former teacher, and being old enough to have lengthy life experience... AND having dealt with incontinence since way back, there's got to be a ton of material for you to contribute; you know a big chunk of Adisc is under 25 and just coming to terms with their own diaper desires.

    Of course anything we can help you with, even just simple reassurance you are among likeminded people and friends, we will surely do.

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