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Thread: Getting Diaper On right....

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    Default Getting Diaper On right....

    Ok, here is a silly question.

    Beofre I ask it, just so you know, I have been in and out of diapers most of my adult life. I FIANALLY broke down and got some "Babyish" diapers. Mostly it has been Depends and store brand, here goes...

    When I put on my diaper (Cushies) I end up standing in front of the mirror to "adjust" it on my body...I usually end up re-fastening the tape until it looks nice and uniform. All is well as long as I stay standing...the front part is nice and flat against my belly, and my "little friend" is niclely tucked inside. But, then, after sitting down for a few minutes, or moving around, the front kinda starts to loosen up and it, well, its hard to explain, but basically, it starts to sit AWAY from my belly, not nice and tight against it.

    I was thinking that perhaps, when I diaper myself, I should be lying down? Would this help keep the front nice and taught, or is this just something that happens?

    One more thing, I think I found a part of the inside of the diaper where it appears its a perfect place to tuck away my "little friend". Is that really what that sorta pocket is there for? Or, should I not tuck it away?

    I appreciate any feedback :-)

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    Well the Cushies only have one big tape on each side. I have found that if I tape them while standing getting them nice and tight, they come loose when I sit down. So I start by positioning the diaper when I am standing, then sit down to tape them, so that the tapes are tightest when my gut is pushing out against them, because if I continue to tape them either standing up or lying down, they will come loose when I sit. I do this with the top tapes of most other diapers as well.

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    i've always had a similar problem, i'd get the tapes nice and tight but once i start moving around it's very loose and the diaper is practically sagging... i've tried diapering myself standing, sitting, in crazy positions (just for the hell of it)... i accidentally the diaper every time @[email protected]

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    Well, The Cushies don't stay tight because it only has one tape. The tape is constructed into the middle of the back flap. Therefor the tape is holding support for probably 3 times its size, and doesn't support the top or the bottom of the diaper. . Thats why adult diaper manufacturers have at least 2 tapes per side. The only goood thing about Depend is their taping system. I prefer 3 tapes per side but you can't find any premium diapers with this feature. It's the only reason I never tried cushies. It must feel like crap after awhile. It starts to sag on you before its wet. 3 tapes per side on the bambino would be great. It would be great on any diaper in that matter.

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    Well i know I lay down on bed or floor and diaper myself open up the diaper push under button two times so your kind center and I always but my little thing down it can be kind on comfortable but never had any leaks . If every what show TV and change boy look how mother always keep the it point down or else it will pop out and it will pee out of the top of the diaper.

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    I have problem whit Cushies to. I dont like the big tape on the side.

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    Personally I have always put my diapers on lying down, always have I have never liked putting on diapers standing up or sitting down. I don't like how they sit or feel when I put them on like that.

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    Yea, but the one tape on the cushies really make them feel extra-babyish even though it may not be the best design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbtim59 View Post
    Yea, but the one tape on the cushies really make them feel extra-babyish even though it may not be the best design.
    Yes it wash made to be more babyish diaper.

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    They're good for wearing at home; when I had them I wore just the diaper and a t-shirt for maximum toddler effect. But if you're going to wear out in the world they 1. make too much noise, and 2, are not reliable if you want to wet while out and about. I actually like the Walgreen's/CVS ones just fine, and they're cheap.

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