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Thread: Nuk 5 Awesomeness

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    Default Nuk 5 Awesomeness

    Just wanted to share that I ordered my nuk 5 last week, it came today and it... is... fantastic! I can't stop sucking on it. Very comfortable, not sure if this is news, but I'm excited

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    Is it just a plain one, or is it a modified one? Either way, congratulations! They are amazing!

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    Default Awesome!

    Congratulations! That's great! I'm really happy for you! I got my NUK 5 last October and I love it! I'm sucking on it right now! (And also wearing a diaper (ABU Cushie) and my red dino footed sleeper I made.)

    Here's my NUK 5 with the pacifier clip I made for it:

    I've actually had several dreams about my NUK 5... Most of which featured me getting caught sucking on it by friends or family (or both)... So watch out for the nerve-wracking dreams! Once or twice I actually forgot I was sucking on it and almost walked around the house with it in my mouth! Once I walked from one end of the house to the other before I realized I still had my ADULT SIZE PACIFIER in my mouth. Nobody saw me. Now that could've been a disaster. And several times (way too many) I left it out in plain sight in a high traffic area of the house, mainly the kitchen table or counter.

    If you don't live alone like me, be very careful to keep it out of sight. Don't do like I did and sleep with it in your mouth when there's a good chance someone could walk in on you before you wake up! I've already had several close calls! I guess I'm not gonna be happy until I actually do get caught and have to explain myself...

    "Yes, I'm a 27 year old man who owns an adult-sized pacifier that I not only use, but thoroughly enjoy. What of it???" O_o

    Enjoy your new NUK!
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    I should try one, tired of using baby ones and I don't like using my thumb.

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    Nice, I'm thinking about buying one, but just haven't done it yet.

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    i love them... when i get my student loan i always try to buy at least one but i have several of them lying around somewhere. but then if you try to go back to a smaller paci it really hurts your mouth!

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    Ugh... I can't wait till I get my own place. ORDER UP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altric View Post
    Is it just a plain one, or is it a modified one? Either way, congratulations! They are amazing!
    Its the plain white one, I didn't want to go ahead and spend the money on a modified one if I didn't know I liked it, plus I'm trying to ease my girlfriend into all of this so I figured plain was the way to go

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