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Thread: Tax Refunds

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    So, for those of us who are getting a refund on our taxes this year, what do you plan to do with the money?

    I'll use most of mine to pay for insurance for my car, and likely put the rest into savings.

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    I'm planning to have a full custom bike built this year, so I'm thinking the tax refund will be a contribution to the bike fund.

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    I'm going to give my refund to the government for doing such bang up job, all zero dollars of it.

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    I will use my refund to cover everyday living expenses, such as food, bills and rent. I know it's boring, but hey, I'm a poor college student.

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    going toward RMFC, if I get it in time, If not it will go toward my future fursuit for the 2012 Con.

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    Some into savings and some in a checking account that mostly is used to pay for doctor visit co-pays and prescription medicine during the year. Every now and then I'll splurge and buy something I like on ebay with it and my wife will do a little shopping for things she likes, but mostly any extra money just goes into savings in case I get sick and can't work for awhile.


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    I will us my refund to buy a much needed riding jacket. Need all the protection I can afford when I'm on my motorcycle cause tend to let my hand lay on the throttle a little to hard sometimes.

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    Mine just went to paying off debts, which was well needed.

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