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Thread: Cushie or Bambino?

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    Default Cushie or Bambino?

    So lately i got my hands on 480$. Im only 16, but my mom is perfectly fine with me being a TB. So, my question is, which one should i get? I can get the cushies cheap and i have had them before, i can get them cheap because i can buy them in bulk. Bambinos on the other hand i have never tried and a lot of people say there thicker and hold more. What is your thought on this?

    ~sorry i havent posted in a while - Joshy

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    This is really a question of what you want in a diaper. Do you want it to look as authentically like a baby diaper as possible with passable capacity, or do you want something that's a lot more functional?

    In my experience, the Bambino holds about 1.5-2x as much before I have to worry about leaks, but your mileage may vary.

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    Well, a cushie can hold about 4 -5 wetting's considering i am a teenager but, i also look for baby like and thickness too. I'm just trying to get some feedback on the bambino. Thanks for your comment!

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    In my opinion, how a diaper feels is more important than how it looks. On that basis, I strongly recommend Bambino.

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    Bambinos, you can get the ones with teddies, the baby blocks, or the white ones you can put stickers on yourself.

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    Bambino is a better diaper overall, considering its capacity and looks, but I will agree that ABU's look much better. If you haven't had Bambino before, get them as you will not be disappointed. But if looks matter that much, get Cushies and stuff them with the Quadro Boosters from Bambino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powderhair View Post
    Bambinos, you can get the ones with teddies, the baby blocks, or the white ones you can put stickers on yourself.
    this ^

    i loce the ones with teddies on them ^^ they are adowable :3

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    Go with the Bambinos, better diaper for the money.
    I am currently sitting on 200 ABU Cushies and will go through faster than I would if I has 100 Bambinos here.

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    I would say go for the Bambinos, they have a larger capacity. If you haven't had any Bambinos before the variety case with 2 bags of each the Biancos (Plain white), the Classicos (Baby Blocks), and the Teddies! If you really want to splurge get this and the Cushies with the special scent added!

    It's your money, how you spend it really up to you!

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    ABU's are cuter (IMO), and can perform decently. But bambinos give you more for around the same price. I would go with them; they are still pretty cute too.

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