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Thread: Goodnites packaging change...AGAIN

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    Default Goodnites packaging change...AGAIN

    Just noticed a different package on the shelves thinking it was an older package design, but nope! They're slowly introducing a new package design I think. I only saw this for the l/xl however. I'm gonna take a closer look tomorrow and maybe buy a pack to see if anything is different with the goodnites themselves.

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    did they?
    i havent seen it yet but i will be buying more soon.

    Is it a new product or just a new package?

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    It's getting close to that time of the year when Goodnites makes design changes...I think last year the new prints hit the shelves in April or May...I'd assume new prints are coming soon since they seem to run on an annual cycle.

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    I was wondering when Goodnites was supposed to do their "changes"
    I saw a "new" pack of Underjams at Kroger today. It had just one boy or girl on the package. It's their third new packaging, but I don't know if anything really changed with the product itself.

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    So does goodnites always make design changes right after the quarter ends?

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    trevorboy69, please buy some and post photos and info for them. thank you.

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    Ok I purchased them, my camera is charging but I'll say this. Goodnites is pretty much my staple diaper and the ones in this new bag DEF. have smaller padding and feel extremely thin. Perhaps they're getting rid of old stock for the newer designs, but at the same time the new packaging doesn't reflect new designs. I compared with one of the newest girls l/xl's and it is much thinner than the girls. Safe to say I'm gonna grab a few packs of the old ones!

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    Just added 2 pics in my album, more to come

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    Ughh! Doesn't sound too good. The only part about Goodnites that I don't like, is that they're forgetting their real clients, kids and teens.

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    No those are an older design. I have some goodnites with the very same design in a bag I keep in storage (I use them as stuffers), and I purchased that bag months ago. So what you grabbed is old stock.

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