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    I am on a purge cycle right now and got rid of most of my diapers in the last few days. But the day before I decided I had had enough of abdl for a while I ordered some tena briefs on ebay and they will arrive in a few days.

    Has this happened to anyone before? Getting a new supply of diapers in the middle of hating them? I'm not sure what I will do with them when they arrive.

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    You're best bet is just storing them somewhere for when your purge is over. The worst that happens is you donate them if you shed your AB?DL desires.

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    My advice would be - don't purge. I know it's easier to say than do, but the best thing, in my opinion, when you feel like purging, is to put all the stuff away in a box. Tape it up and store it in the back of a cupboard or somewhere.. If after two or three months, your still in the same frame of mind, then get rid of it. But if your just going through a purge and regret cycle, just putting it out of sight and mind should be enough.

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    I guess I really don't understand the whole purging cycle thing. What is it that makes you want to give this whole thing up? Is it me, am I an odd one out here because I have never had the desire to give up part of who I am.

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    It isn't about giving up a part of who you are, at least not for me, it is about getting some control and asserting some sanity in what is very less than sane sometimes. Every little while infantilism just starts to become too overbearing and out of control and it can be very freeing to destroy and purge what I see as an unfortunate aspect of who I am. I have no delusions that it will be gone forever but now I get a few days to a few weeks (I live on a short cycle, though the purges are getting fewer and further between) with a clear mind and a few extra hours a week for other activities.

    I think I will box up my shipment when it arrives, but I doubt that I will ever stop the destruction phase of a good purge because of its symbolic and emotional properties. It can be smart to save the high value items, but the feelings that come with release are worth the loss of some standard items.

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    The worst thing to do is try to fight a purge cycle, because it could just cause inner frustration, like Coodie said, just put them somewhere where you will forget about them until you want them again. Funny story: I did this once and forgot where I put them only to find them like 3 months later.

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    Never throw your stuff out. You'll regret it later. It's a big waste of money. I have never done it myself, fortunately. I did intentionally destroy a diaper once without using it, but that was a long time ago. I think I was about 14 at the time. Any time I have a semi-purge, I just leave my diapers alone. It doesn't really happen anymore anyway. Sometimes there might be a night where I don't feel like wearing a diaper, but that's all. I actually don't wear often in the first place, but it's not because I don't feel like it. I dunno why I don't wear more often. But anyway, I have accepted this part of myself.

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    I personally don't outright purge anymore - I'm not always in the mood to wear diapers, obviously, especially when I'm either very tired or busy (assignments tends to keep my mind away from crinkles) but I've mostly gotten feelings of self disgust, which means that even when I don't feel like wearing the idea of throwing things away does not cross my mind. The fact that I had mostly come to terms with being an ABDL by the time I got my first diapers probably helped quite a bit, to be fair.

    My advice, as others have said, is to not throw anything away, but just keep them out of sight. Something else I've noticed, from the days where I didn't have any supplies, but went trough some pretty unpleasant purge-binge desires when it came to my desire to wear diapers: from personal experiences, deep purges also bring deep binges. My advice: don't fight purges, but don't actively encourage them either, it will only make the inevitable binge more intense and add to your feeling of shame.

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    If you don't want to act on these desires, don't throw stuff away, hide it. You don't need to waste money and you never know if your feelings will come back. If they don't, go donate them to a cause that needs them

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    I don't just throw them away, I sink my fingers into them and rip them to bits (I have even taken a sword and throwing knifes to them). I see it as just another way to enjoy diapers from time to time. It is just as waistfull as wearing and using them when you don't NEED them.

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