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Thread: whats your oldest furry

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    Default whats your oldest furry

    My old teddy is my sqeacky mouse his about 2foot tall and iv had him since i was 3 months old im now 22 and still love cuddle with him lol

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    My oldest teddy is one I call "Shaunie" :3 He's a little cream-coloured bunny with big floppy ears and a blue sleeper, and I always feel calm and snuggly with him in my arms <3

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    My oldest is my stuffed dalmation spot. second is my teddy bear but I had to sacrafice him. I cut him open and tore the stuffing out to hide my diapers and other personel stuff. I know I have been called a teddy murderer but It was either that or never be able to wear diapers...EVER

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    Got a stuffed tiger I named kitty (I know original right?) I have had since I was like 2 or so. Still have it to this day and I am turning 21 in less than a week. 5 days to be exact : )

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    well my oldes one doesnt have a name, it is about 4" tall and i got him when i was only a very lil baby.(about 1-2months old)
    and i am nearly 25 now

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    My oldest one is my black bear "Blacky" that i've had since before i can remember.

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    i've slept with a teddy bear every night for the past 4 years, i stole him from my sister my sister gave him to me after she got him from Dave and Buster's... i named him "Mr. Tuddles"

    here is a picture of Mr. Tuddles

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    The oldest plushies I own are a plush kitty named Kirby and a plush hippo named Harlow that I got from Diaper Station about a decade ago.

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    <--I have had my Buzzy since I was half a year old! I am 24 now. I will take him with me to the grave!

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