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Thread: Luvs Poopdeck - new game for iOS devices

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    Default Luvs Poopdeck - new game for iOS devices

    Just sharing with the group... Found a new game on iStore called "Luvs Poopdeck".

    The goal in the game is, as a baby, to shoot dirty diapers at pirate ships and sink them. The play is similar to Angry Birds in some ways.

    There are bonus points for unused diapers, extra diapers awarded for hitting the "Luvs" diaper package floating above the ships, etc.

    Kind of a neat game, and more so with the Luvs / diaper theme...

    I love Pampers - wish I could wear them, but the Luvs division of P&G has done a better job than the Pampers side... My logo, for one, is from the website and the game now has become something I play at lunch and bedtime...

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    yeah the commercials for the luvs diapers are little cartoon babies having a contest to see who could fill their diaper the most. really hilarious if your a *B

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    P&G might as well shut Luvs down and merge them with pampers.

    Honestly, do they still need two different brands of diapers ran by the same parent company. Brands that have/are in conflict with each other. <_>

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    It’s a way of addapting to competition laws.
    [this claim is quite reasonable I might add.]

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