I had to share this... for the first time in years, I am back on a ballfield and I just love it! I'm coaching with an adult softball team run by my best girlfriend. Unfortunately, I can't play due to my physical health, but I am part of a team again.

I love it... I even get to practice with the team. I took batting practice, I took outfield practice, and I LOVED it. I can't move the way I did when I was a high school baseball player 16 years ago, but GOD!!!! I felt in my natural element. I missed it. I love baseball. Softball may be like baseball, but GOD... just being a part of it again- It's heaven. Especially playing under the lights.

I felt like I did years ago. I may have to miss a few weeks because I'm facing back surgery, but GOD, I LOVE being a part of something like this again. I felt like I was in my natural element. Like I was where I should be.

I should explain my background some here... when I was growing up, baseball was a major stress reliever for me. I didn't play until I got to high school and managed to make the team as a pitcher. Little League back in the '80s, didn't have rules for disabled players so my parents wouldn't let me play until I was in high school and that was by fluke really.

And now, I get to coach and be a part of a team of police officers and university students. GOD, I LOVE IT!

I get to be relaxed, and enjoy it. I get to be around friends, and be a part of something that makes me feel like a person again.