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Thread: Where can i purchase the Abena m4

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    Default Where can i purchase the Abena m4

    I went to xp-medical and they had m3 but no m4

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    Default is one I use, but they do not always ship discretely. $57 is always discrete. $55.00 on sale. sells them by the bag. $21/bag

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    abuniverse usually has M4 in stock, that's where I get mine. Prices are reasonable. And once you order, you get a coupon usually for buy two get one free (bags) which makes a case (of 6) cost like 4. (means 33% off on a case) And you will get another coupon when you make THAT order so the discount continues as long as you order a case every 3 months.

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    I was just on XP Medical's site and they have the Abena M4 in cases and packs.

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    i just went to XP Medical's site and noticed the m4 and the x-plus are the same diaper i thught they were different that is why i didnt notice them

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