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Thread: Whats the Best Abri-Form?

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    Default Whats the Best Abri-Form?


    I'm just interested to know what you think is the best outer cover for Abena Abri-form's: Plastic or Cloth (Air Plus)? I would also like if possible an explanation on why you think which kind is better weather for example its a seasonal reason or not.
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    I voted plastic, but I currently have both and the air plus is great also. The air plus really are more breathable, so they do feel a lot better in hot climates. They are ultra quiet too, for better or for worse.

    But the original plastic backing ones are probably more leak resistant. And they resist wear. Most importantly, the plastic has a feel all its own and the crinkle factor is amazing.

    Basically, they're both good for different reasons.

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    It's really a matter of taste. I prefer the plastic because I think it feels better against my skin around the legs. However the plastic is somewhat noisier than the AirPlus and perhaps somewhat more prone to pinhole leaks. The big advantage of the AirPlus is quietness. If you're paranoid about people scoping out that you're wearing a diaper from the noise that plastic makes, the AirPlus are for you. Abena also claims that the AirPlus cover breathes and is thus cooler to wear in hot weather, but I haven't found much difference.

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