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    I'm a pretty private person, so I hope I don't offend anyone by choosing not to share that much about myself.

    Basically, I am both a diaper lover and a adult baby and I like to look through the forums to see issues that people raise which I haven't yet thought about but seem like they could one day be relevant to me. Again, I probably won't share my own thoughts on the forum but please know that reading your posts really helps me. Maybe one day I will feel comfortable enough to start my own threads.

    Other random stuff about me: I play guitar, like to play tennis and occasionally golf, watch way too much television, and love milkshakes (I know that one is pretty random but its true)

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    Not a bad intro for a private person. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable about starting threads. This site is full of people willing to help you with almost everything. This includes yours truly . What kind of guitar do you play? what's your style? Welcome to the site.

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    Welcome to adisc!, you are now forever doomed... to stay. :P

    Eventually, you will become comfortable with everyone around here. Basically, everyone will listen to you with open ears, while also being non-judgmental.
    Also, what types of music do you enjoy, I myself, am open to a broad range of styles (Reggae, Rap, Rock, Some Alternative, and occasionally screamo)

    PS: I love milkshakes also, my dad ordered a PB&J milkshake from a restaurant while we were in Disney World.. (It was strange)

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    I was pretty much the same as you when i joined. Just looking at the forums to see what was brought up. You wont be pushed into revealing any of your private life here if thats your choosing.

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