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    Default Greetings

    Good day,

    I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself, (typing on a phone, please forgive any typing mistakes). Haven't. Been on one of these forums since about 1998 or so.

    I love my family; I enjoy all that life has to offer. Baking and photography are two of my favorite things... I have over 30 bundt pans among other cooking items, several cameras and assorted lenses. Life has been good to me, but I also believe happiness is a choice.

    Anyway ... hello, and goodbye for the moment. Need to focus back on my job and then walk home.

    Be well, stay dry!

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    ISO400 makes sense now you have stated you do Photography. I don't like to take my camera beyond 400 due to noise. Only do that if I am it's generally not very bright, something you can't really help at times. Hand-held or moving.

    There are a number of bidding amateur photographers on this forum, I being one of them. I have a 450D. Needing to get a decent lens for it soon though. Do you mix up your baking with Photography much? What else do you take photos of? Not too many padded butts, I hope!

    Nice to see you took the step of joining, don't be afraid to post around. We like hearing from new members!

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    Hi UnMarth,

    Nice camera! :-)

    I too am a budding photographer. I have a 50D, so I'm right there with you. I don't generally mix up baking and photography - I prefer macro shots of insects and things... I don't photograph my food, I go for flavor over presentation. I'm a vanilla whore... it's my favorite ingredient. No imitation in my kitchen. ;-)

    My lenses (this is where I turn into a dork)... Canon 60mm Macro, Canon 100-400mm Telephoto, Canon 25 extension tube, and an 18-200mm telephoto. 580EX II Flash and a Macro Flash. I spent far too much, but it helped keep the sanity during graduate school and work (along with diapers, lmdo). Diversions are a good and necessary thing. Now I just need to figure out how to pay it off. My favorite things are macro photography and time lapse.

    Photos of people in diapers ... nah. I don't stalk people, out of almost 50,000 photos, only two were taken without permission, and I needed to maintain anonymity to capture the moment. One I deleted, the other is on my Flickr account. I had macro shots of all my diapers on my Flickr account, but took them off once people at work started frequenting my account. I kept two photos of myself in a diaper, but those are on a "mature" filter and you can't even really tell what I'm wearing... the photos are focusing on the tattoo I have on my bum (says "Kiss Me"). That's the joke I want to end with (all pun intended) when the mortician flips me over and has that staring him.

    Be well, thanks for the greeting, sorry to be long-winded. But cooking and photography are my two weaknesses. Or two of them.


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    I just saw your username and I knew you were into photography!

    Nice lens collection you got there. I just bought myself a T2i/550D, which is great, but I really need a better lens for it. The stock 18-55mm lens that comes with it is too slow (the max aperture is 3.5). I'm thinking of getting myself a nice prime lens, but not sure what to get yet. In any case, I don't have any money for it right now, so I have some time to think about it.

    So you like doing time lapse? Man, I LOVE time lapse too. I never got the chance to do any on my DSLR, but I've done a bit of it on 16mm film. The only thing I dislike about time lapse is the waiting. That, and the fear that someone might screw up my shot half way through. In the end though, it's all worth it.

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC. Nice meeting you.


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    As soon as I saw your name I knew you were into photography XD

    Dont forget to check out the rules and have a GREAT time. I have a Nikon myself. Not a DSLR but it still does the job. Until I get that Rebel I want, it'll be fine

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    @big blue... Thanks! Awesome! I bought mine last April (a few months before they brought out the 60D (darnit)). The T2i was the other model I was considering, but it was still a month away from hitting the market, and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. Prime lenses are a bit more than I'm willing to spend, and I'm not a professional... so I figure lenses that have some range are more appropriate for my budget and usage. Time lapse, I can run my camera from the computer or laptop... but as a safety measure, I bought a device that plugs into the camera and controls the time lapse... so I can walk away and come back later. :-)

    @diaperdude Thanks! Nikon is another fine brand! I have a 35mm Canon that goes underwater - I got it before going to the Barrier Reef in 1994... but I don't trust a "water tight" seal that's 17 years old. ;-) If you have a blank slate, consider a Pentax camera... more of their lenses are interchangeable. I found that out only after buying a thousand dollar Canon camera and many more thousands in lenses that I can't use on other Canon cameras. (At least I can use the telephoto). But still. The batteries don't transfer and those are 50 a pop... and the memory cards dont transfer and those are 150 a pop for the high end ones. I'd suggest 8GB minimum. So, you have many options ... and as long as you're saving, keep the future in mind, even after you buy your first DSLR. :-)

    Ok, that's enough geek-speak tonight. If I still have your attention, thank you for the warm greetings.

    Be well,

    BTW, do any of you all do Flickr?

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    BTW, can you all see the bee avatar I use here, or does it display text?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ISO400 View Post
    BTW, can you all see the bee avatar I use here, or does it display text?
    I cannot see your avatar. Is it an animated gif (since those will not upload)?

    On a side note, welcome to ADISC (I normally make those posts longer, but I'm on my way to bed so I hope you'll forgive me ^^)

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    Thanks -- it's not animated. When I view my profile, it has the bee. I'll investigate further. Perhaps it's too large. Thanks.

    Done and done. Apparently when I set up the account, I did not realize my first image was too large.
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    The profile picture and the avatar are two separate things if I recall correctly. You have a profile pic, which I can see, but you have no avatar. You need to upload a separate picture for that.


    Never mind, you got it .

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