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Thread: Introduction: the discovery of a safe haven.

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    Smile Introduction: the discovery of a safe haven.

    I'm not good with formal introductions so i guess I'll cut to the chase. I AM A BUNDLE OF CONTRADICTIONS! I am broken, yet successful; loved but alone; honest, but secret; and happy, but depressed. Many would say that most of these things are to be expected from a teenager but not to the extent that I feel them. I take school very seriously and pile on stress because of it but it pays off in the end. I am also a Christian and take my faith rather seriously and it permeates my life: My faith keeps me alive.

    I don't know why I am a DL but I am and I am tired of binge/purge. I just want to know I'm not alone and find some "friends" like me. I stumbled across this forum in my search for answers and it is the only safe place I have found (I'm not looking for creepers, pervs, or porn).

    I tend to look at my main hobby as school, but I am more than a scholar. I enjoy rock climbing, urban exploring, paintball, writing poetry, singing and so many other activities. I love to figure out how things work and appreciate the ingenuity that goes into the devices we handle every day.

    I am known by many names and this forum adds another one to the list. I am just looking for someone like me, someone I can talk to, someone who relates with me. I just want to know that I am not alone. My name and tagline implies that I am "Looking For Her" and that is part of what I am doing and part of what I do everyday. I'm not looking for meet-ups or anything like that, I am just looking for people who can relate to me.

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    That is a great introduction you have here Welcome to your haven, and ours too! Don't forget to check out the rules, and enjoy your stay. You'll be welcome here as well as learn a little more about yourself

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    Welcome! I like your name, and that was a good intro.

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    Hey! Welcome to ADISC! That was one of the best intro I've seen in a while . I hope you find someone, and that you enjoy your time here

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    what kind of poetry do you write?

    here are a few of mine:

    Emerging Oracle
    A silver songbird
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    Hmm, I like you! You sound like me... I consider school to be a hobby of mine as well. Besides that, I'm a huge reader.
    Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to ADISC. Everyone here is really nice, and even if we do get the occasional creep, we're, for the most part, average people that like diapers. *Huggle*
    You seem really awesome! Let's be friends~

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    I'd like to share, but since some of my work is online or published I don't think that I can share any of my current poetry. If I write a fresh poem that I think would be fitting to post I'll post it in the forum.

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    What part of NY do you live? I was born in/I have family in Syracuse.

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