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Thread: Canada Day Plans

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    Default Canada Day Plans

    Because are Canadian members are awesome as well.

    So what are your plans?

    Me, I'm being forced to go to a family barbecue that I know I won't enjoy too much, but I'll just be sure to get tons of pictures, that'll make it better. Then, I'm going to my grandmothers house... to hang out with her, which is alright.

    PS. For all the non-Canadians, Canada day is July 1st.
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    For all non-Canadians who are too lazy to search the internet: When exactly is Canada Day?


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    Footed P.J.


    1 July, baybee! As for me, I'll just have to scour YouTube for old Jennifer Ditchburn videos. lol

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    Probably going biking during the day, then fireworks in the evening...all other time will be spent sleeping in and being lazy (which is what days off are all about )

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    I'll probably just per usual...I'd go to the fireworks they're supposed to be fantastic...over the harbour 'n all...but I just don't have the energy or the patience. Wish I did, it is one of the best things about living in the city...guess I should have got an apartment with a harbour view (yeah right).

    Soooooo...I guess sleep, take meds, sleep, take meds, sleep, take meds (maybe play pool with my baby), and sleep...will most likely be the extent of my day.

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    Canada Day. It's like Australia Day, only not as good.

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    Well... I'm gonna be at work tomorrow. Though I guess this means I won't be getting any orders in from across the border... so thanks for taking a day off!

    Now for Independance Day (July 4th, duh) I'm gonna chill with some friends... drink beer... and cook out. We might even drive down to SC to get some illegal fireworks... who knows.

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