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Thread: I'm so fluffy !!

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    Wink I'm so fluffy !!

    Hello World! I'm a 23 year old babyfur & I live in Prince Gallitzin State Park in PA, USA.

    I'm a tekno geek with all sorts of electronics. I enjoy watching movies on my projector screen. I spend hours playing games on Neopets.

    I also love building intricate structures out of K'nex (not a legos fan). K'nex are the only non-electronic things I play with. Everything else has to have a plug or batteries.

    As you can tell from my avatar and profile pic, I am the biggest Tails fan ever. Miles Tails Prower from Sonic, that is. The license plate on my Prius even says 'TAILZY'. I believe I may suffer from Obsessive Fanboy Disorder. I like most things fluffy and furry.

    As for my life career: I deliver newspapers every single day, and deliver pizza two days a week. I pretty much have five days off every week then (since the paper route doesn't count).

    So, that about sums it up. I always like shooting the breeze if anyone ever wants to talk. I get on everyday, usually.

    ^_^ TaiLzYpOo

    P.S. ~ I've only ever tried Goodnites & Underjams, definitely preferring the latter.
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    Hey TaiLzYpOo!

    That was a pretty neat intro. It's always nice to see new people that actually like to contribute.

    I must say I am pretty jealous of your projector screen . I'm a big movie watcher myself (film student here) and all I have is small 15" TV screen. Shameful, I know.

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC! Remember to read the rules if you haven't done so already. Hope you enjoy your stay here on the forums.

    See you around!


    P.S. I like your avatar

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    Nice to meet you - I'm new too.

    Aren't license plates fun? There is a Honda that frequents a French restaurant across the street ... "DADYWLF" is the tag, I'm trying to figure if hes a fur.

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    heh, neopets... that's what i thought about when i started playing pokemon black but then i got my hydreigon >: D

    oh wait... you probably don't like pokemon x3

    welcome! x3

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    I've always wanted a personalized plate. Then I found out they're only $20. That's cheaper than a trip to Taco Bell (4 me anyway). Someone already took he name 'TAILS', so I had 2 think of a new one and decided on 'TAILZY'. Too bad my car gets so dirty all the time you can barely see it.

    Thanks 4 the avatar comment. I didn't know it was transparent, but I like the way it worked out. As 4 the 15" TV, I used 2 have a 13" TV with aluminum foil sticking out the back 2 get channel 6.

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    NOTICE ~ to those of you trying to message me on my profile: just wanted to let you know that I am unable to respond, as a new member, for the first 7 days. But thanks for visiting anyway, I'll get back to youns within the week.

    ^_^ TaiLzYpOo

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