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Thread: Hey.

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    Default Hey.

    Lol I just tried posting this, but it didn't work.

    I'm Cody, 16, and I live in California. I'm laid back, pretty easy going, and I can get kinda lazy. I'm really competitive, though. I'm pretty nice, easy to talk to, friendly, social, that kind of stuff. I like to write instrumentals, usually RnB, rap, soul, or pop.

    I'm a DL, but I'm not overly into it. Lol so don't worry about me being super creepy and stalkery. Lol. But I'm not on here to be perverted, I'm just here to meet different people. Lol I'm not looking for any kind of wierd romance, just to start making friends who are like me =]

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    Dude, according to the California group, We're in the same city. I was wondering when you'd come back. You should PM me

    And Welcome

    Don't forget to check out the rules and such as well!

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    Same city?
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    Not sure. Just edit out the name. And yeah

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    Welcome to the site. I'm guessing lots of people who live in California are a lot more laid back than us Virginians. Anyway, welcome and enjoy.

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    Lol I don't think I can send a private message yet. It won't let me. Haha. But thanks dogboy =] and yeah, I'd say we are. Haha

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    Hahahahahahahaha. I read what you put on the group thing. Haha. The "O.O" thing made me laugh. Lol

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    I've been visiting forums like this for a while, and never did I think I would get lucky enough to have someone living in my city. My heart literally skipped a beat xD If you continue to post you'll gain the ability to send PMs. I might be able to start one to you, lemme try.

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    Yeah, I just need to keep replying here before I can reply to the PM. Lol

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    And dude! I know! What a coincidence.

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    Can't even reply to that. Lol. 14 more posts I think.

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    Oh wow haha. Just reply in other threads. They're fun to check out anyways xD

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