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Thread: Depends Maximum Protection thoughts.

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    Default Depends Maximum Protection thoughts.

    Hello all! Two days ago, I finally got myself to go and buy my first pack of diapers. I decided to go with the Depends Maximum Protection, because those were the only adult diapers that were actually looked like a diaper (All the other ones just seemed like padded underwear).

    I've only tried one on so far, however, it was quite comfortable and did its job. I would just like to ask if anyone else had an opinion on this diaper and if any one could guide me to something better in case I buy some more?

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    I use them full time I love way feel paired to other band try in the past i'm sticking with them just right for price needed.

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    Its the only brand I recognize in the pharmacy near me. They don't have much selection unfortunately :/. I'm guessing you need to go online to find a wider variety?

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    Depends fitted are probably the best you can get from a drugstore. In my experience they're ok as long as you're carefull not to flood them and don't attempt multiple wettings. The reason they get such a bad rap is that they're absorbancy is quite low, < 16 ounces if I remember correctly. Compare that with an abena, molicare, or dry 24/7 which can all hold 38+oz with ease.

    Additionally, a "normal" person using a depends fitted for "normal" reasons is probably going to have some bladder control, and be changing it asap, in which case it does its job perfectly. Generally us *B/DL types are more interested in enjoying the diaper than changing it right away, hence more likelyhood of leaks.

    If you want something better than depends, ordering online is the obvious choice. You can also try checking pharmacys or medical supply stores in your local area. According to google there are two within driving distance of me that appear to carry abena and/or molicare, although I haven't verified yet (I'll check them out next time I have the house to myself in a few weeks).

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    They are cheap and in my opinion the 6 tape layout makes it easier to fit them when you are new to taping.

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    Yeah, I had trouble figuring out how to put it on at first, but the tape made it fairly easy. The absorbancy seemed good too, although I only was wearing it for around an hour before changing, because I was limited with time.

    Edit*Think I'll try looking for somewhere that supplies abena around where I live in the future, but most sites ask for a zip code (Don't have that in Canada)

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    I liked depends, they are cheap, and as much as people like to complain about them, they actually work pretty good.

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    I tried those before, they are good. But I dislike the colour on it though lol.

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    I not too picky, I'm just glad I finally got some haha. Nice to see someone else from good old British Columbia :P

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    For Abena online, you might try Westcare Health supplies, since they are in Canada. You also might look into going to a 'home heath' store to find something that the drugstore will not carry.

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