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Thread: I couldn't be could I.?

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    Default I couldn't be could I.?

    Hey mine names Cory I'm now 14... I woke up the last 3 nights with a wet bed ! And the last 2 I've cut drinks out and went pee before bed! Never have had a bedwetting problem before...then today I was just sitting at home by myself and I notice i was pooping and peeing myself in my reguar clothes and when I noticed it I was almost done ! I am a diaper lover and wear full time 4 days a week cause I got no one home..what's wrong ?

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    Seriously? Before I start if this is real there is nothing we can do, only a doctor.

    Carrying on - you are called teenlover and have been aged between 13 and 14. We are a community, not a place where pervs can get a quick fap over younger members postings. You've attracted 3 neg rep in 12 posts, so just do us and you a favor and just leave.

    Mod's - please make him disappear.

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