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Thread: More bad press.....

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    Default More bad press.....

    I hope this does not means that i will be singled out and searched in the airport because i am wearing on a flight. Pulling me aside and asking me to take off my X-plus to search it for drugs... That is bad news!

    Here is the article:

    Massachusetts woman pleads not guilty to smuggling cocaine in diaper -

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    Oh wow... That is pretty bad. But I doubt you'd be singled out, it's unlikely anyway, I mean how are they to know you're wearing other than the slight crinkle when/if they pat you down? And, you can always just say you're wearing for incontinence.
    I doubt they'd search every single incontinent/diaper-wearing person on every single flight.

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    Yeah, it's doubtful this will effect us in any way. Diapers have a lot of functions. And, it doesn't say she was 'wearing,' it, it was just strapped to her thigh. So, unless I'm interpreting this wrong (it happens), I doubt anything will become of it. Still, bad press is bad press regardless, I suppose, and we all know some idiot will want to trace it back to us. *Shrugs*

    Haters gonna hate.

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    Wasn't there a diaper bomb in the past? I think customs have seen the strangest things on airports.

    But from my own experience (holiday to Florida last summer) I know they don't single you out because you're wearing a diaper. I've been through those full body scan machines but they never asked why I was wearing a diaper or to show the content. They would have a full day job just looking through diapers I think.

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    She was wearing it, i saw a few clips of her court date on the news tonight. kinda interesting. they although the picture was clearly a Depends-like diaper, the kept referring to it as "a diaper type garment" haha! ya, i am wearing a diaper-type garment right now!

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    It was strapped to her hip? Talk about sketchy. No wonder they searched it!

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    Yea, that sounds like a odd diaper and even stranger way to have it on to begin with ^^;.
    But I doubt they would just because your wearing. There has been worse done with underpants, such as the 2009 Christmas Day Underwear Bomber attempt...

    So I wouldn't worry =3. Plus, its none of their business to question it anyway to be honest.
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    she was coming from and high drug area and had conflicting stories.

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    well it's kinda obvious that all dl's are crazy and violent..what it's just me?
    I'M NO THREAT TO AMERICA~ shut up got no-thang on me..nothing!

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    The title led me to believe this would be yet another case of an *B/DL doing something stupid in public. However, perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see anything to indicate that she was an *B/DL.

    Anyways, the only reason it is newsworthy is the oddity of using a diaper to smuggle drugs. As was pointed out above, she gave conflicting stories, so customs had a reason to investigate further. I doubt this one isolated incident will lead to people wearing diapers getting singled out.

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