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Thread: Poppy dippers

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    Default Poppy dippers

    I can't believe it's come to this...

    I'm curious, *Bs... If or when you go into "poppy dipper" mode, is the *B aspect significantly more pronounced?

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    Wait... Do you actually mean "poppy dipper" mode as in... Messing?
    Or do you mean as in just diapering in general, wearing, etc? :s

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    Yes. Number two. Opening the bomb bay doors. Releasing the dirt snake. Laying cable.

    The term came from a user a long time ago and took off in IRC for a while.

    ---------- Post added at 16:16 ---------- Previous post was at 16:14 ----------

    PS: When did you change your name? I know I've not been around lately, but wow.

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    Well, I've never done it but I'd suspect that for the majority, the DL side would be more pronounced. Some might find it easier to act out their *B side doing that though, but I never ever would for either reason.

    PS: Just a while ago, under an hour I think. I've had the name in my head for a while.

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    Initially, yes, because the sensation is more pronounced than wetting and grants a deeper sense of being soiled. But after a while, and especially when changing, it's more of a geriatric feeling than an infantile one; adult poop is just too different from baby poop.

    On a side note, when I read the thread title, I thought it was going to be some sketch-o thread about taking opiates while diapered. Either that or diapers decorated in a poppy flower motif. :3

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    Let me clarify: I had my first, "I messed and am not totally freaked out by it" experience the other day.

    I've been eating a ton of oatmeal... it seriously smelled like oats.

    I wouldn't have said I'm an AB, but I think this might be developing (many reasons).

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    Not for me. I've been messing quite a bit lately, but it doesn't really make me feel more 'infantile' than wetting does. It does make me feel infantile in the sense that 'Babies release their waste into a diaper; therefore, I am a baby', but it's not the actual feeling or thought of it that makes me feel like a baby, it's more the diaper itself. If I remove the diaper to poop in the toilet, I do feel LESS infantile, due to removing the diaper and using the 'big girl potty', but there isn't a peak in my regression during or after messing; in fact, a while after there's sometimes a trough (because now there's clean-up to be done).

    EDIT: However, I think that might be somewhat different with a caretaker. Few people would tolerate changing an adult's shitty underwear; but people change babies with love and just a slightly wrinkled nose. Having someone change mah poppy dips might make me feel more 'little', yes.

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    i have to agree with charliepup there.
    as i havnt been messy for a wile, but that is just because i cba to clean it up.
    but i would love to be cared for and have sone one clean me up, and baby me, so in that way it is more ab

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    I still don't get the poppy thing, but as far as pooping goes, it is lovely. I have never understood the aversion many here feel towards it - but who knows...might be my general disinhibition due to ADHD...I don't mind the cleaning, the smellyness, none of it is the least bit unpleasant.

    What I find, however, is that *many* different experiences can make me feel equally regressed and ABish...sometimes just being diapered/wearing dry; wetting; soiling; being wiped even after pooping on the potty (a generally more agreeable thing for my girlfriend than changing an all-out poopy diaper)...for that matter, being read to, fed, spoken to as a child, breastfeeding, snuggling, having my shoe tied...gosh the list goes on.

    Thankfully many of them aren't as yucky for others as pooping my diaper is. For me, it's a thrill and really enjoyable...but there are other things that are better to do with a partner equally fun!

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    I feel that it does. It gives you a much higher sense of helplessness. (By the way, I have never heard that term before, but its the cutest way I've every heard to refer to it.

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