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Thread: OK kiddies, Time to put this baby to bed

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    Exclamation OK kiddies, Time to put this baby to bed

    In the beginning was cotton. Cotton was made into clothe and the clothe diaper was made. Next came the invent of plastic. Leaking diapers we're A Thing of the past, unless you forgot to change the child, or the adult. No pun intended. Also, everyone that is old enough to know what A spanking is, should also remember what petticoat punishment is. You also herd the saying about small towns in the midwest, if you blink, you'll mess it. Will, I lived in this environment for 14 humiliating year's. The town I was in, is called Bekoshey, Ok.. Look it up if you don't believe me. Anyway, the town only had about 90-100 people living there, including children. There was A filling station, A store, A Doctor's office, with one Doctor. Also, A bar, A barber, A volunteer fire station and A six room school house. You could say it is A one Sheriff town. Almost like May-berry with Barney Five as the deputy. Every one knew all about every thing that went on in this town. If someone was sick, all the women wanted to help. If their was A fight, or A town drunk falling down in the gutter, everyone knew. What happened in Bekoshey, stayed in Bekoshey. The town was and probably still is the same. I don't know, I haven't went back to find out.
    Any how, like I said in my greeting, I was raised as A girl. The whole town never questioned my moms authority in raising her children. And other families were the same way. You see, a lot of the families older generation knew how to discipline A child. They got the idea from their parents, and so on. So you see, I wasn't the only kid being treated like this. If you were caught getting in trouble, any kind of trouble, you were put in A diaper or petticoat for A time. How long, depended on how severe the crime was. In my case, my mom wanted A girl at the time, and even after my younger sister came along three years latter, every one was use to me dressing as A girl. And as far as the diapers were concerned, she said I would go around pissing my pants and wetting the bed. I don't really remember that far back. So you see, their was no social worker or any other government agency that came around, because know one, according to my mom, ever complained about child abuse. And if A stranger came a-calling, they would see nothing but well behaved children. So you see, when I was shipped to my dads, he couldn't file charges because there wasn't any evidents. I hope I answered any questions or disbelief you may have. And the next time you read or here about A true story like mine, get your facts straight before making A comment or A judgement you know nothing about.

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    Hi, Tamilynn. I am sorry for the abuse you suffered as a child.

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    So sorry you were treated that when you were little. No one she grow up in such an environment.

    But I would like to apologize in advance for any rudeness I may give of as a yung'un.
    Your post is quite hard for me to read as it seems like a solid wall of text. Maybe breaking a few things off into paragraphs may help.

    This has got to be the most confusing, yet to-the-point intros I've ever seen. Lucky you have such a wonderful, understanding wife and hopefully, you'll find close to the same support and comfort you need here.

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    If we could get our facts straight, there wouldn't be a problem. What you have provided us brings nothing more to the party in the way of verifiable facts that would prove the truth of your account. The more important bit is that we are not asking for that proof. You have just joined a community which is not unlike walking into a party where you are not known. You have provided us with an outlandish tale (which could be true, since sometimes outlandish tales are true) without even your face, physical presence, and body language to bolster it. For the sake of good will and brevity, I'll assume you are telling the truth, in which case, I again apologize for having to essentially dismiss your post. An account like this, so far out of the norm of the average member's experience, having only just met you, serves only to create confusion and accusations. We're not going to investigate your story, it is beside the point and beyond the scope of our powers or interest. A reasonable person will be able to see how this will be an overly large pill to swallow from a stranger and move along to the here and now. I'm not denying your personal experience, but I am saying that since we have no means of getting to the truth of the matter, continuing to harp on it only creates more strife.

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