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Thread: What diaper do you use as a day time diaper

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    Default What diaper do you use as a day time diaper

    I would like to find a good quality absorbent daytime diaper that is not as thick as an x-plus and is also a good price. so what do you use ?

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    Well if you want just a plain "going out" diaper, then probably stay with abena (they have more then just x-pluses) as the other abena diapers aren't as thick, but are still of the same good abena quality

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    For a breathable one, The Prevail PM is a bit thinner and still hold quite a bit. Tena flex just doesn't feel quite right but the wide stretch tape holds well.

    As for a plastic back one that is fairly thin but holds a good amount, I like the Tranquility ATN. It also seems to have a pretty good odor control and very quick acquisition layer. I would suggest getting a sample online to try it out before buying a large quantity of them. A case has somewhere around 96.

    I am not as fond of the Abena Super (i.e S2,M2,L2,etc) and the Abena Extra(i.e. S3,M3,L3) is still pretty thick.

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    I would agree that Tranquility ATN is a good diaper or all day use.I personally like Molicare supers for daytime use but some people may argue they are too thick.

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    i use abena m3 for daytime diapers, about half the thickness of x plus(m4) but still absorbant enuff that u wont need to change after one wetting.

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    Recently I have been standardizing on Abena M2 and M4, covered with plastic pants.

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    Like most profoundly urinary incontinent women I started off wearing Attends in 1981 djust for bed and in 1985 24/7.

    As various kinds of disposable pads improved in comfort and capacity I found that most days when I am active and have access to a discreet place to change, I no longer always needed Attends.

    Then several years ago, when Pampers first introduced the Cruisers, I read in an Incontinence printed newsletter that I woman I had met found she could make her own disposable slip-in pads better just by cutting off the side flaps of a Cruiser. The list price of Cruisers was about half that of the adult pads, so I invested in a minimum size pack of Cruisers Size 4.

    Sure enough I found I could cut off the wings of 12 of those in a few minutes, enough for over 2 days.

    Then early in 2010 P&G introduced DryMax for Cruisers, with a bunch of controversy. DryMax extended my time between changes almost an hour at no increase in cost per Cruiser.

    Late in 2010 Target started selling Pampers Extra Protection in Sizes 4 and 5. Since I have not found those in other stores perhaps the EP are exclusive to Target. Bottom line is they are only slightly more per diaper than the same size Cruiser. To me the EP are as comfortable and have even better leak protection. They do have extra capacity, extending my time between changes to 5 hours, which is the longest I will wear the same disposable. Even if it is not at capacity diapers become sweaty.

    Not only is it faster to change a slip-in pad in a ladies room stall than an Attends, they ventilate much better so I sweat less.

    I sure hope P&G sells enough of the EP size 4 they stay available for a long time. Handling them they seem to share all the better aspects of Cruisers, more than Baby Dry. They are slightly thicker than a DryMax Cruiser, because of added fluff. Also, the absorbent core of the EP goes from end to end with only slightly reduced fluff at the back. I find this helps if I take a nap.

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    I will use the abena M3 during the day when i know i wont have a chance to change often or be near a bathroom like during long car trips. for night use its an M3 or M4 with a booster and plastic pants

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    I use the dry 24/7 most of the time and some days I've been wearing cloth.I have about 45 cloth diapers that come in handy keeping cost down.

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    I have been using the Abena M1's for day time but started using the M'2. they are thin enough still so they wont be noticed under jeans & not so thick to cause my back to hurt from walking around bowlegged. Also the M'2s are also still quite absorbent & can last me most of the day.

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