As you may be aware, we have long planned to phase out the Wiki and switch completely to the new Articles System. Over the past few months, we've published numerous articles which either port the best content from the Wiki, or better cover the same topics. The goal is getting to a point where we can turn off the Wiki without losing anything significant.

That time is upon us. We've reached the tipping point where we can set a day to end the Wiki. The Wiki will shut down at the end of April.

Why set the end date a month from now? Well, there are a few articles we would like to see written first. It also makes this an excellent time to run a promotion. There will be a bounty on new articles: all articles completed and approved in the month of April will receive an extra bonus +1 rep, in addition to the +1-3 rep they would normally get.

There are five particular articles we'd really like to see written this month:

-GoodNites/DryNites review
-How to Make a Makeshift Diaper
-Binge/Purge Cycle
-Ordering online
-The (Tasteful) Guide to Diapering Others (preferably with tasteful pictures)

Of course, we're open to any other articles which would also be useful to the ADISC community. The above 5 are just the top of our wish list, they do not represent an exaustive list of all the articles we want.
Take a look at the Article Requests Thread for ideas. Have a great idea that isn’t listed? Then by all means, suggest it in that thread!

If you'd like to take on one of these article topics, then either post your interest in the Article Requests Thread or PM NutFreeFruitcake directly.

To be fair to the several people who've recently submitted articles which are at various stages of approval, articles published in the last week of March will also qualify for the rep bonus.

Thank you to NutFreeFruitcake for writing this announcement, and more generally for developing our articles system, including organizing this final push on the Wiki.