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Thread: photoshop is killing me

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    Default photoshop is killing me

    Okay so anyone who doesn't know, I draw on occasion. I just want some input on my work, please don't be too rough (still getting used to photo shop tools and whatnot) but some nice critique would be welcomed. Thanks in advance guys

    freedom in the outdoors by ~Stunnerpup on deviantART

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    Aww thank you Astro it really means a lot hearing that, Thanks

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    Very good! I like it

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    Aw, cool. I like the colors.

    Photoshop is hard to get used to at first.

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    Check out your tools panel (F5 is the hotkey) for extended options. I know there's an option for enabling blending/transfer of colors.

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    Hehe lol I have to say, it's better than anything i've done in Photoshop I think it's pretty cool, especially considering your a beginer LOL i'v been using it about 2 months and I still have trouble drawing circles *facedesks*

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    That is quite adorable. Good work. Keep it up and you'll be among the best artists out there. ^^

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    I think it's very good. ^^ With more practice and refinement I think you would be an absolutely amazing artist! ^.^

    Photoshop isn't the greatest drawing tool most artists find. A lot of them usually switch to something like Sai which is more specifically tuned to drawing. Photoshop is certainly a great program though and if you can learn all the nitches about it you can produce some amazing stuff. ^.^

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